Buying property in Calabria

Hi, it’s Michelle again, I thought this time I would take you through the process of us buying our place in Italy as I know people can be anxious about it. Some people have a dream to own a house in Italy, we know this as people have told us.  When we were in the process of leaving the UK, so many people said to us that they would love to do it, but they are not brave enough.  I understand it can feel very scary, but if you don’t want to make a permanent move like us, you can still have an Italian home away from home waiting for you to visit whenever you like. 


I can definitely tell you that after personally going through the process of buying a property in Italy, it is actually quite straightforward.  It also really helps to have someone who knows the process, speaks the language and has local contacts to help sort it all out, like Tony from the Calabria Realty Group. 


This may be massaging his ego a bit, but our move to Scalea felt quite easy with Tony, we can’t imagine how it would have gone without him. 


Tony acted as estate agent, translator, he has knowledge of local places to buy furniture and most importantly, where is good to eat and drink.  If he cannot help you directly, he probably knows a person who can. So, you should have no worries there.


This is my experience of how the process was for us. Firstly, we needed to get a Codice Fiscale in advance of anything else, which Tony arranged for us with a contact of his. This is an Italian tax code, which you need before buying property, it is a similar idea to a national insurance number in the UK. We also needed it for buying a SIM for a mobile phone, radio internet service and registering with local council and utility companies. 

Once you choose a property, the purchase is done and registered through a notary (notaio). Again, Tony sorted all that out for us.  


We paid Tony a deposit to secure the purchase until we were ready to proceed as we had to complete the sale of our house in the UK.  Later we agreed a date for the meeting with the notary and the sellers.  We then sent the final payment to the sellers and to Tony which included his and the notary fees, along with local taxes.  Everyone involved (us as buyers, the sellers and Tony) met at the notary’s office where Tony acted as translator for us.  We all sat down in the office as the notary read through the paperwork to change the deeds to our names, to ensure all information is correct and then all attendees signed each page.  We all shook hands and then the sellers congratulated us for owning the property, which was unexpected but very nice. We then own the property.  I have done a basic image to try to show you how simple it was.


Tony kept us fully up to date whilst we were still in the UK with all the goings on before that point, so we were not daunted when we arrived in Scalea to complete the purchase.

So, if you are worried about buying a property in Italy, there is no need, the Calabria Realty Group will hold your hand throughout the journey, and at the end of it, you will have your home in Italy.