Italy has reopened, so has Scalea

Here is an update to Michelle's blog. Find out what has happened in June. June is the month that Italy has reopened. We can now move around without any reason to. International visitors can visit but still depends on the country at the moment. Although when Covid numbers spike, the municipalities close their border and a mini lockdown happens. And when I say spike, I mean from 4 new cases. So, they are...

Going through Phase 2 in Italy

Here is an update to Michelle's blog. Find out what has happened in May. May has been so different compared to last month. At the beginning of May we were starting phase 2 of lockdown... To read more visit Michelle’s blog by clicking...

Our Life Under Lockdown

Well, this has been a very unusual month. We definitely did not expect this when we moved to Italy 15 months ago, but here we are. The beginning of March was pretty much normal in Scalea, obviously in the north of Italy things had progressed quickly, but it felt that bit far away. Bars and restaurants were still open, we were still seeing our friends. In fact, it was our friend Denisa’s birthday so we...

mare di scalea

We have Survived a Year in Italy

November 2019 is over and it is getting close to Christmas. This is my November story. Have we managed to get our Italian ID Cards? I have good news! We are now proud owners of Italian ID cards. Yay! It was the weirdest thing. The Commune called us to let us know that the cards are ready, like they said they would (everyone said that wouldn’t happen). We walked down the next day in the rain and...

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