Lido da Pietro

Every beach resort is full of lidos scattered along the water front and Scalea is no different. However along the Lungomare Ruggiero di Lauria you’ll find the exceptional lido da Pietro. Now not only do I use this as my daytime office during the long summer months, it’s also the stand out lido in Scalea. Take a look at their website here Owner and mentor Carmelo speaks English with a heavy Italian accent and always greets his guest with a big smile and “hello boys” Carmelo’s lovely wife and right hand person Antonella, is an integral cog in the bar and kitchen. The team is made up of mainly locals who bring their own expertise to the stage that is da Pietro.

Giorgio di Giovanni is the director of operations on the beach. Giorgio picks out the best spots based on how fast you can run across the hot sand and pebbles. Giorgio’s main claim to fame is that he can run further than the old English guy, both mental enough to go running in the height of the mid afternoon sun.

Behind the bar we present the lovely Stefania Ansalone. A new recruit this year, the girl from Naples slotted in like she’s always been part of the team. Stefania does a great Aperol Spritz and a dab hand at Gin & Tonic. Because of her lovely smile I let her off when she broke my Manchester United mug. Thankfully I have an endless supply of United mugs so it was never a problem.

Most teams these days have foreigners as part of their squad. Lido da Pietro is no different. I give you Carlos Vegas (it’s not a made up name honest) Carlos born in Venezuela is our waiter who alternates between morning and afternoon shifts. Carlos speak Italian and Spanish perfectly and a spattering of English.

Whilst Manchester United have Marcus Rashford coming through the ranks, da Pietro have 18 year old Melania Mazzei. Learning the ropes, Melania helps out behind the bar and nips in between tables waiting on.

The evening shifts at the weekend we have the charming Graziella Borghese. Graziella brings a little experience to the team with a slick and smooth delivery. She’s also got a nice tan.

The team

Name: Carmelo Araugio

Position: Head coach

Born: Belvedere Marittimo

Date of birth: 04/05/1970


Name: Antonina Romeo

Position: Barista/cook

Born: Belvedere Marittimo

Date of birth: 06/06/1970

Name: Giorgio di Giovanni

Position: Beach attendant

Born: Maratea

Date of birth: 02/09/1988

Name: Carlos Vegas

Position: Waiter

Born: Venezuela

Date of birth: 17/07/1996

Name: Graziella Birghese

Position: Waitress


Date of birth: Praia a Mare

Name: Stefania Ansalone

Position: Barista/waitress

Born: Naples

Date of birth: 06/01/1995

Name: Melania

Position: Waitress/Barista


Date of birth: Praia a Mare