We have owned our property in Torremezzo for approx 8 years. During this time we have relied on Yvonne to deal with all our finances regarding our apartment, which she has done in a professional manner and kept us well informed of any changes. Yvonne is our key holder for which we are most grateful as many times we have left or forgotten to turn our electric/water off. She also organises the cleaning of our apartment before we arrive on holiday and if requested will leave fresh bread and milk for us.
During the last couple of years Yvonne has been our Project Manager - we have had a new bathroom installed and a very smart brown aluminium front door and picture frame window.
Throughout these projects Yvonne has kept us well informed of all the work carried out, emailing us pictures of each different stage - communicating well with the builder, Alessandro, on our behalf. We discussed our ideas with Yvonne and relied on her to select/purchase all the materials needed for each job and now we have a clean modern bathroom and a much improved look to the main entrance to our property.
Many thanks to Calabria Property Services for all their help and advice.
Steve & Karen – Staffordshire

We have had a few projects on our property recently, all of which have been organised through Calabria Property Services, including replacement and commissioning of a new gas central heating boiler, removal, repair/replace and paint of balcony railings as well as internal paint works. all of these works were carried out with the minimum of fuss and stress to us and expedited in a very professional way by Yvonne and her team lead by Alessandro - Many thanks Graham & Ann

We bought our property in Torremezzo, Calabria, through Calabria Property Services / Yvonne Menonte. Yvonne provided a great service helping us through the purchase process: codice fiscale, engineers survey, notary, insurance, etc., which made the purchase very easy.
Better still, she was able to advise and provide ongoing services (payment of electricity, water, refuse etc), plus building and maintenance services to make the alterations we desired; new kitchen, shelving, installation of air conditioning units and the house has been completely repainted with repairs to the rendering and balcony. Also gardening services.
All in all we are very pleased with the services received from Calabria Property Services and their team of reliable collaborators and would highly recommend them to any one planning to buy in this part of Calabria.
PS. We love our new life/ retirement in Calabria.
Geoffrey & Maeve O'Sullivan (Ireland)

Dear Yvonne
We would like to say how pleased we are with the superb service you have provided and the sound and sensible advice you have given throughout as far as our recent purchase of a Lamezia (CZ) property is concerned.
It has been a pleasure to deal with you from start to finish and nothing has been too much trouble for you although we feel we have leaned heavily on you with not speaking Italian and not renting a car!
I felt I could trust you implicitly from the very beginning and we consider you a dear friend after all you have done for us!
We are looking forward to moving into Casa di Rao soon and know we can trust you to provide a good management service for us as well. – Vibha and Rohit RAO (July 2016)

We bought an apartment in Scalea, Calabria in 2007 after a few days viewing with Tony at Calabria Property Consultants. I had visited Maori on the Amalfi coast back in 1987 and been overwhelmed by how friendly and welcoming the Italian people were. At the time my friends and I had been invited out to a meal with a local family in the hills and the experience of 'mixing with the locals' made our holiday. For some reason I never returned until 2007, but as soon as I did it became apparent that the 20 years had in no way changed the friendly, helpful and welcoming attitude of the people in Southern Italy.

For the first six years after buying the apartment we spent as much time as possible over in Italy, and always hated to leave, until in late 2013 we made the decision to move to Italy and become resident. This had been a dream of ours since buying the apartment, and we finally realised our dream in January 2014.

Now, some 10 months later, I can say without any doubt, that it is the best decision I have ever made. I am lucky to live in a beautiful country, with wonderful people and even if you only get the chance to visit Calabria for a few weeks a year, I would recommend it to everyone, as an extremely rewarding and life enriching experience not to be missed.

Andy and Kathy Pearce

We came over in April 2005, just for a look. Within four days we had decided to buy. We were back in June to complete the purchase. Then we began to holiday here. By 2006 we knew we wanted to be here full time. We moved in March 2007... We are still here, no regrets! What more can we say except, thank you, Mr Hackett. You made it all so easy and almost a pleasure for you.

Brian and Lesley Eastwell - Belvedere Marittimo

I have just returned to England after spending 4 days in the beautiful state of Calabria, Italy's toe of the boot region. I was on a mission to find a home in one of the cheapest areas of Europe. The man who guided me through my search was Tony, Manager of Calabria Property Consultants. I had pre-warned Tony that my budget was very limited, but undeterred, he selected many varied places for me to view. There were refurbished apartments, flats with awesome views of the coast at Scalea, indeed views in every direction, also very conveniently placed apartments - one within walking distance of the railway station.

In the Old Town, Centro Storico, there are some very exciting restoration projects if you have the cash to spare. Time is not a problem, as Tony & his team can 'restore' to order within your given timescale. The surrounding area is also worth exploring - a very varied, scenic & appealing coastline, with much to offer at very reasonable prices. Many Britons stop their tour of Italy at Amalfi- but for my money, Scalea is a great place, within a reasonable train journey (2 & a half hours) of Naples, & eventually will have its own airport just south of the town.

Everyone I meet is warm, friendly & relaxed - well who wouldn't be in this beautiful part of the world. Forgot to mention that Tony gets me a deal on the apartment of my choice, & I can't wait to wake up in my new place, with all thoughts of the British weather a million miles away.

I'm giving some thought to Homes in the Sun!

Valerie Bond

We receive many thank you letters and recommendations. Here are just a few of them - with the writers' consent, of course!

“If you are thinking about buying a home in Italy for whatever reason, we recommend two things:


Take a close look at Calabria - Calabria is everything you expect from Italy: history, culture, beautiful panoramic scenery, climate and most importantly, warm and inviting people.
Contact Tony at Calabria Property Consultants to help you - Tony was amazing from the minute we met him. Not only did he greet us with a warm welcome but Tony also made it a point to listen to us, take the time to show us around the area and introduce us to others that he had worked for and bought from him, as well as his friends. In the end, not only did Tony help us find our dream home in this magical land, but he also tended to every detail of the home buying process in Italy. Tony made it enjoyable and simple (as simple as can be expected when buying overseas) and has truly become not only a trusted advisor but a dear friend as well.

Mille Grazie Tony!”

Paul and Annie Cofrancesco - Florida and Calabria

"When we decided to buy an apartment in the south of Italy it was very important for us to be sure that we have all the information on the documents, process, specificity of buying in Italy and that we could rely on the agent we work with. Going through reviews of other buyers we understood that the reliability and professionalism of the realtor is crucial for success.

I contacted several agencies but the level of informational support and client service that Tony provided was never met by any other realtor!

This support really made us feel very comfortable about the deal. We were clear at every stage of what was going on and always got sufficient information about every single detail. We also got a great deal with the apartment we bought and are very happy that we chose Tony and Calabria Property Consultants.

We would definitely recommend Tony in case you plan to buy property in Scalea and around."

Vladimir and Elena

"Когда мы решили приобрести квартиру в Скалее, мы очень переживали по поводу выбора агентства. Некоторые агентства не откликались на запросы, так как у них не было сотрудников владеющих английским/русским. Другие не предоставляли полной информации или не проявляли достаточной заинтересованности. Плюс мы очень боялись нарваться на недобросовестное агентство.

И Тони оказался для нас просто находкой! Еще до осмотра у нас уже был значительный объем информации как по квартире так и по этапам сделки. Когда мы приехали на "смотрины" разрыв в отношении стал еще более заметен по сравнению с другими агентами.

Для нас было важно владеть полной информацией по квартире, документации и специфике заключения сделки. И также была важна максимальная прозрачность процесса на всех стадиях. И с Тоня мы чувствовали полную уверенность.

Мы очень довольны как процессом покупки, так и результатом и рады рекомендовать Тони."

Владимир и Елена

"Having visited Scalea on 3 previous occasions, we have now moved here on a permanent basis. We’ve found the local people to be very welcoming. The climate for much of the time is warm and sunny; and even though Scalea is a relatively small town, it has all the major facilities we need: supermarkets and shops, a mainline train station with links to Naples and Rome, plenty of buses that run along the coast and service local towns, and several excellent cafes and restaurants. We’ve also found Scalea to be quite a cheap place to live. The surrounding countryside is very beautiful, offering dramatic views of mountain ranges and the sea. There’s also a national park on our doorstep, and a great beach as well. Tony (of Calabria Property Consultants) guided us through the business of buying our property, in a professional and no-nonsense manner, and he’s been an invaluable source of help throughout the process. As our Italian is still a bit basic, Tony is also providing us with an efficient bill-paying service while we find our feet.

Scalea, and the surrounding area, is still relatively undiscovered by non-Italians, and whether you’re thinking of just acquiring a holiday home or are looking for somewhere to put down new roots, we can’t recommend Scalea enough."

Tony and Karen Adam - Scalea

"Calabria Property Consultants have been fantastic in helping me to find an apartment and in organising the processes leading up to me taking possesion of my property. Since my purchase, they have helped me arrange new furniture, organised maintenance work in my absence, and kept me informed of developments throughout my association with them. I have no hesitation in recommending Calabria Property Consultants if you are looking for a property in Scalea and its surrounding area."

Tony Smith - Hull and Scalea

"Firstly many grovelling appologies for not writing to you sooner to say a really big THANK YOU for all you and your team have done to find us our home in Italy. We are looking forward to moving out there in October and being a nuisance to you all as we seek help with some of the practicalities and the building works!"

Derek Baker - Torquay and Santa Domenica Talao

"We hope everyone is doing well and we want to thank you all again for the tremendous help and assistance you gave us over the last few months. Tony, for showing us around all the apartments, for the interpreting (sto provando imparare!) and all the help at the notary. David, for sorting out all the bank stuff on the day. Melanie, who answers emails almost before they're sent and Anna for all her help at the bank and tax office."

Kevin and Niamh - Ireland and Santa Domenica Talao

"The high level of service, patience and problem solving abilities you have shown have been second to none and we sincerely thank you. You not only found us the perfect property but project managed the decorating, the kitchen and furniture fitting, organised the electricians, plumbers, property management service, bill paying service and translation and the list goes on. We would just like to say that the service you offer is exemplary. Thank you for turning the dream of owning an Italian property of the perfect specification into a reality."

Richard and Helen Crossman - Dorset and Scalea

"We apologise for not writing and thanking you earlier but were taken away with other events when arriving back in the UK. Sitting down and reflecting on our situation made us realise without your efforts and dedication we would not have achieved our goals."

Stefan and Alicia Mann - Suffolk and Scalea

"Thank you all for your help with buying our apartment and organising other things for us, we will have many lovely holidays there"

Steve and Sue Smith - Essex and Scalea